Elevation chart view API

The elevation chart view API provides a means for you to embed the course profile for any given race into your website with a simple HTML iframe code. For instance, the placing the code

<iframe src="https://www.hellodrifter.com/events/sean-o-brien-2017races/67/elevation_chart" width="100%" height="160px"></iframe>

in your website would produce something like this:

The URL to access the elevation chart API for any given race can be found by clicking the "Embed map code" link on the sidebar of a race page.

By default, hello,drifter will make a guess as to the country of origin of any request, and provide the elevation and distance in units most popular for that country. However, you can also specify a "query parameter" to force the chart to use either metric or imperial units

The below table describes the available parameters using the elevation chart view API. Remember, these parameters are not required!

Parameter Default value Available values Description
unit_system none Either "metric" or "imperial" Whether to display elevation/distance units in kilometers/meters or miles/feet