Dirty Kiln Trail Races - REVERSE Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Event description

The 11th running of the “Dirty Kiln Trail Races at Canoe Creek State Park” brought to you by Allegheny Trailrunners, Inc. will be Saturday, April 8th, 2023! Trail runners will have a choice to run the 10K course up Moore’s Hill and around the lake or the half-marathon course around the park a second time but on a more hilly and challenging half-marathon course! Both courses have a lot of variety of trails from wide horse paths, winding singletrack, multiple stream crossings and mud… lots of mud.

Course maps

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Foot race | 13 Apr 2024 | 9:00 am
7.9 mi
Elevation gain
1,342 ft
Elevation high
1,014 ft
Elevation avg
Elevation loss
886 ft
Elevation low
Climb factor
Course last updated 26 Jan 2023

Stats summary

Race distanceDistanceEle gainEle lossEle avgPavedGravelDirtNarrow
Short Course - 10K6.0 mi610 ft620 ft951 ft26%74%0%68%
Long Course - (Second Loop aka The Back Half)7.9 mi1,371 ft1,371 ft1,014 ft25%75%0%48%
Foot race
13 Apr 2024

Race organization
Allegheny Trailrunners Inc

Race director
Benjamin Mazur
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