Pigtails Challenge King County, Washington, United States

This has already taken place.

Event description

The Pigtails Challenge takes place at Lake Youngs Watershed which is a rolling loop with 900 feet of elevation gain per loop. The 150 milers will run 16 loops; their first loop will be shortened slightly. The 100 milers will run 10 loops with 6 miles at the start to make that distance.

Course maps

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Foot race | 27 May 2023 | 6:00 am
100.1 mi
Elevation gain
630 ft
Elevation high
528 ft
Elevation avg
Elevation loss
427 ft
Elevation low
203 ft
Elevation diff

Stats summary

Race distanceDistanceEle gainEle lossEle avgPavedGravelDirtNarrow
100 Miler100.1 mi8,360 ft8,360 ft528 ft16%2%82%84%
Foot race
King County, Washington, United States
27 May 2023

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