That's No Moon Ultras & 30K Orange County, California, United States

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Event description

Except in case of medical emergency, runners may accept no aid nor assistance in any form from anyone, including pacers and crews, between aid stations. Runners not checked at each aid station may not be credited with officially finishing the Run.9. Pacers should be experienced trail runners in excellent physical shape and conditioned adequately to run approximately 20+ miles over rough terrain. Pacers will pick up runners at mile 19 OR can hike up the Motoway to pick up their runners at mile 35. If you drop to the 50K during the race or choose to run the 50K in general, you still still get credited with a 50K finish and will receive a medal and place - but no other awards.

Course maps

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Foot race | 23 Sep 2023 | 6:00 am
50.1 mi
Elevation gain
4,544 ft
Elevation high
2,907 ft
Elevation avg
Elevation loss
856 ft
Elevation low
Climb factor

Stats summary

Race distanceDistanceEle gainEle lossEle avgPavedGravelDirtNarrow
30K18.6 mi3,048 ft3,045 ft1,886 ft0%55%45%0%
50K31.7 mi6,145 ft6,148 ft2,592 ft0%63%36%0%
50 Miler50.1 mi10,098 ft10,095 ft2,907 ft7%66%26%6%
Foot race
Orange County, California, United States
23 Sep 2023

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