Whiskey Row Marathon Prescott, Arizona, United States

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Event description

In each of the past three years, this YMCA has invested more than $200,000 in the community in the form of financial assistance for kids and families who could not otherwise afford the benefits of the YMCA. Proceeds from the YMCA Whiskey Row Marathon and other fund-raising efforts go to these scholarship funds. Volunteer We NEED You!! We cannot host this race without our invaluable volunteers!

Course maps

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Foot race | 14 Oct 2023 | 7:00 am
12.9 mi
Elevation gain
6,365 ft
Elevation high
5,745 ft
Elevation avg
Unspecified surface
Elevation loss
5,341 ft
Elevation low
Climb factor
Course last updated 2 Aug 2022

Stats summary

Race distanceDistanceEle gainEle lossEle avgPavedGravelDirtNarrow
5K3.1 mi262 ft246 ft5,423 ft99%1%0%1%
10K6.1 mi558 ft535 ft5,472 ft84%16%0%16%
Half-Marathon12.9 mi1,440 ft1,421 ft5,745 ft75%8%17%8%
Marathon26.0 mi3,386 ft3,366 ft6,142 ft42%4%54%4%
Foot race
14 Oct 2023

Race organization

Race director
Jaime DeJoseph
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